About Us

When it came to bringing RUH alive, the founders said, “Despite the proven facts that sleeping naked or wearing lesser clothes is healthier, not many of us will take up the option due to many reasons. As rightly said ‘Necessity is the mother of all inventions’,  we have introduced a one of a kind fabric that is not only going to change your perception of sleep but also the pattern and concept of your sleep.

We brought to life a range of sleepwear, an exclusive, innovative blend that allows people to feel barely anything on the skin and to give out the experience of minimal or no clothing.

Our entire journey led us to discover our brand identity i.e. ‘Soulfulness’ which eventually led to the brand name *RUH-THE SOUL*

We at RUH believe, that to achieve the feeling of sleeping naked, one has to wear a fabric that resonates with their soul, which is clean and light – as good as wearing nothing. And therefore, we at RUH introduce India’s first concept-sleep wear.

A premium quality sleepwear brand for the most comfortable and cozy nights, for relaxing family getaways or the unwind weekends.  We wanted to emphasize on the importance and value of quality sleep.

We want you to be aware that what you wear to sleep actually matters and is directly related to your quality of sleep and indeed affects your health too!  And so, while we tell you that dozing off naked or in minimal clothing is the key to achieve that perfectly restful and calming sleep, RUH is here to take care of that and you.