Did you know that humans, in order to exist, require sleep more importantly than food or water?

A naturally recurring state of mind and body – sleep, enable humans to physically restore itself and to remove metabolic waste built up during active hours

It has been found that a rally of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, obesity and mental illness are triggered because of Low Quality Sleep.

A key take away from all of this, that we really need to sleep better, but the question arises as to how?

Well, don’t you think it will be a blessing to sleep so freely that you feel you are wearing nothing at all without the slightest fear of being conscious, and LADIES, you have the liberty to skip wearing any sorts of inner wear or lingerie and giving your body a much deserved chance to breath. Yes this is absolutely possible with RUH - The Soul. 

Not only the ladies, but we care for our men too! And so with RUH , they get the freedom of saying bye-bye to the boxers and sport these super comfy pyjamas without a problem.

Special attention to our kids as well, as they sleep their body and metabolism gets better , their body grows , hence allowing their little bodies relax and grow in the softness and comfort of our sleepwear.

As we push each soul to avoid any sort of innerwear inside this nightwear, we push them to breathe better, sleep better, relax better.

Our design is an invention keeping the modern needs in mind and the design registration is pending.